About us


“Agrar Armavir” LLC was founded in autumn of 2003 (State Register No՝ 33.110.01109, certificate No՝ 060996), as a production and trading company dealing with processing and sales of agricultural products.
The company is located in the heart of fertile fields of Ararat Valley, Armenia, in the vicinity of which different types of fruits and vegetables are harvested and brought freshly to our factory.
Initially our products were distributed in local market but since 2008 the company started to export its products to Russian Federation mainly to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk, where we gained consumers’ full satisfaction and support resulting in our company’s good reputation and securing continuous orders.
Our products are made of high quality ecologically pure ingredients free from preservatives, artificial flavors, nutritional supplements and genetically modified organisms (GMO). By applying traditional recipies to modern production technologies, and employing professional workforce we make uniquely deliceous products.

“Agrar Armavir” company, under “ARFRUIT” brand name, produce more than 88 varieties of preserved vegetables, pickles, whole-fruit preserves and jams, compotes, sweets and delicacies.

We are innovative and regularly update our product list and add new ones to our line of production.


If you are looking for a healthy and tasty food for you and your family then our products are exactly what you need.
Agrar Armavir LLC activities comply with international standards such as ISO 22000 (SGS Certificate No: UA/0693/0683 18 September 2006) and HACCP (Food Safety Management System) according to which planning, organization and control of all processes from procurement of raw materials up to the last jar packed is controlled.

All ingredients and finished products are tested regularly before production thoroughout production process, and after that by our laboratory in order to avoid potential risks of biological and chemical contamination.

Original designs, packing and compatible prices are other distinctive features of our products, which provide a steady growth of demand in the market.
We are motivated to gain full satisfaction of of our customers.